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Xscape Complex, Trilite GRP Vertical Glazing 600sqm of Trilite GRP opal vertical cladding in Euroclad 32/1000 profile cover the front of the striking Xscape complex in Leeds, United Kingdom. Towering 38m at its highest point Xscape creates a dramatic impact on the local landscape - and not just for its size but for its eye-catching cladding in red-lilac steel panels, abutted on each side by Trilite GRP sheet in an opal tint. Trilite was specified for its fire classification and to provide a “wall” for the two high level escape stairwells either side of the building, and also to optimise natural daylight onto the stairs. But at night, the dramatic impact of the material is fully realised with feature lighting, both static and roaming, in Xscape’s corporate colours behind the Trilite. Xscape includes a 150m x 37.5m real snow slope, rock and ice climbing walls, bowling lanes, multi-screen cinema, skate park and shopping complex.

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