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Anti-microbial school desk tops

Antimicrobial desk tops

Location: United Kingdom

Fabricator: Peerless Plastics and Coatings Ltd

Product:  Marvec FS White

Peerless Plastics and Coating Ltd’s use of Marvec FS white rigid PVC sheet has won 1st prize in the Fabrication category of Brett Martin’s iAwards, November 2020.

The anti-microbial desk covers for schools and colleges have been developed in response to the increased need for hygiene as students return after COVID lockdown.

Marvec FS is digitally printed and coated with MicroGuard anti-bacterial hard coating. The product was chosen as a suitable substrate as it offers robust performance, a smooth surface suitable for printing and affordability, which is important in the education sector.

Peerless’s MicroGuard™ hard coating offers permanent anti-microbial properties with abrasion and chemical resistance.


  • Economic
  • Robust
  • Suitable for digital printing
  • Easy to clean
  • Good chemical resistance

Solutions Found:

  • Marvec FS


  • Marvec forms a hard wearing, affordable base for an end product which increases hygiene in a sector where it is of vital importance, not only to students and staff but also to their families.

What our customer said:

“Marvec FS is a great product to work with and the support we receive from Brett Martin has always been excellent.” – Peter Llewellyn-Stamp, Peerless Plastics and Coatings Ltd.

Anti-microbial secondary school tables


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