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Marlon FS was used to create unique carport tree

Marlon FS Carport Tree

10mm Marlon FS was used to create this bespoke and very unique carport tree. The owner required a carport that would be strong enough to protect his cars from getting damaged by falling acorns and also stand out as a piece of art on its own.

A grinding wheel was used to cut the shape of the leaves out of polycarbonate which were then treated with acrylic paint in different autumnal colours. This created a spectacular effect, especially when the sun hits the translucent polycarbonate leaves and the different colours of each leaf is reflected in the surroundings.

Laurence Seynhave, from Seynhave Plastics in Belgium said: ‘When the artist approached us with the idea to combine functionality with design, we immediately recommended Marlon FS polycarbonate. The material offers strength, yet its lightweight character and ease of workability provided the perfect combination to create this stunning and bold tree’.


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