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Covent Garden Floating House

Marlon ST Floating House  

10mm Twinwall Marlon ST Longlife played a key role in the creation of a unique and impressive architectural artwork which was exhibited in London’s Covent Garden throughout October 2014. 

The ‘Take my lightening but don’t steal my thunder’ artwork, modelled on the original architecture of the 184 year old market building, was designed by London Artist Alex Chinneck.   

This unusual engineering marvel was designed around both weight and aesthetics.  The building had to be as light as possible but still look like a stone and brick building.  This was achieved by first constructing a steel and timber frame.  The walls were then created by gluing Marlon ST Longlife to intricately carved polystyrene which was then plaster and granite sand finished to match the existing market building.

The magical 40ft ‘floating’ building was pre-fit at the fabrication shop before being shipped by 10 arctic trucks and installed over 4 days at the Piazza.

Normally used in roofing and glazing applications, Marlon ST Longlife provides exceptional strength and rigidity.  The multiwall structure of the sheet provides a very high stiffness to weight ratio, therefore the sheet is strong yet light in weight making it the perfect solution for this architectural illusion.

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