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Foamalux stars at Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

RBDA 2012 profile

Foamalux once again featured as the main material at the UK Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. This year foam pvc was used in the creation of the pop up bar, which existed of different sized rectangular block sections, creating a light and airy space. Foamalux foam PVC proved to be the perfect material for the job as the rigid, durable material is easily fabricated and only half the weight of solid sheet. Read more about Foamalux.

Brett Martin’s foam pvc range includes the widest choice of colours, thicknesses and sheet sizes available with direct to print Foamalux White; Foamalux Colour in 15 vibrant shades; the high gloss Foamalux Ultra in six colours and ‘eco’ Foamalux Xtra.

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