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Marlon ST Illuminated Facade at Teatro Atahualpa, Ecuador

Teatro Atahualpa Marlon ST

Marlon ST Longlife was supplied by Acimco Ecuador to create the stunning illuminated façade which brought the old ‘Teatro Atahualpa’ to life in the annual ‘Light Party’ in Quito, Ecuador.

The project was lead by Ecuadorian artist, Aquiles Jarrín who wanted to change the facade and colours of the Old "Teatro Atahualpa" building which was finished in 1958. The objective was to create an illuminated facade to stand out among the colonial buildings next to it. In contrast with all the other sites, Teatro Atahualpa was illuminated from back to front. To achieve this Marlon ST Opal 6 mm sheets were used to provide a diffused light transmission and help to create the glowing effect on the building.



The annual "Light Party" takes place in the colonial city centre of Quito, part of the UNESCO world heritage. During the festival iconic architectural buildings are illuminated. It’s a popular tourist attraction which welcomed 91,000 visitors in 2017.

Marlon ST Longlife is a lightweight multiwall glazing material manufactured from damage resistant polycarbonate. Available in a range of structures, thicknesses and tints, Marlon ST Longlife is suitable for a range of roofing and glazing applications.

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