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BBC Golf Commentary Box
Single 7.7m long Marlon FSX Longlife sheet used to create half round window on the BBC Golf…
Marlon FSX - Four Seasons Hotel Romania
Marlon FSX Longlife curved glazing feature at Four Seasons Hotel
Marlon FSX - Redditch Art Shelters
4mm Marlon FSX was used to create colourful and eye-catching bus shelters in Redditch, England.
Marlon FSX - T-Systems Barcelona
8mm Blue Marlon FSX was the preferred material in a modern glazing solution for the atrium located…
Marlon FSX optimises impact at the entrance to Safeway.
Volvo Ocean Race
Abrasion resistant glazing for portable team bases

Safety Glazing

Alftanes Swimming Pool
Marlon polycarbonate shelters swimmers at Icelandic swimming pool
Norris Green Youth Centre
Marlon FS Hard strike-resistant polycarbonate used for Norris Green Youth Centre
British Airways
A 30m long "light box" was manufactured using Marlon FS to create an atrium effect for BA offices
Vandal Proof Bus Shelter
Marlon polycarbonate with its outstanding impact resistance is ideal for glazing bus shelters
Ryder Cup Press Box
Sky Sports live coverage of the Ryder Cup at the Belfry achieved uninterrupted vision
Marlon helps Sega play safe
Marlon FS was used to create a glazed barrier around the decking area of Sega's exhibition stand.
Marlon FS offers clear protection for Spinnaker Tower
People could safely watch the construction of Portsmouth Harbour through Marlon FSX.
St Joseph's Glazing Protection
Marlon FSX clear panels were used to invisibly protect the stained glass windows in St Josephs.

Vertical Glazing

Polycarbonate Door Protectors for Schools
Marlon FS extended the life of the interior décor and furnishings at a school complex.
Marlon CS Diamond Meeting Pod
Marlon CS Diamond sheet adds sparkle to MXB’s stylish new meeting pod
Tay Road Bridge Splash Barriers
Marlon flat sheet polycarbonate created a splash barrier for pedestrians using the Tay Road Bridge.
Polycarbonate Train Windows
Marlon FS Hard polycarbonate was used to glaze CPTM Rail Authorities train windows in Brazil.

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