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2015 British Open BBC Commentary Box, St Andrews - Marlon FSX Longlife

BBC Golf Commentary Marlon FSX

6mm Clear Marlon FSX Longlife was used to glaze the BBC commentary box at the 2015 British Open Golf championships at St Andrew’s in Scotland. The impressive half round window was glazed with a single 7.7m long sheet of clear Marlon FSX Longlife to give the commentators a clear view of the golf course whilst protecting them from any rogue golf balls.

The choice for Marlon FSX polycarbonate was clear from the start. To provide the BBC with the clear view required to film the sporting event, the glazing sheet had to offer glass like transparency. In addition the half round window had to come in one piece, without any joints and span the 7.7m long curve. The optical clarity offered by clear Marlon FSX in combination with its ability to be curved at any length, whilst still offering high impact resistance, proved to be a winning combination for this project.

John Vero, Access Plastics adds ‘’Marlon FSX Longlife was the ideal choice for our customer to glaze the BBC commentary box due to its optical clarity, high impact resistance and it ability to cold curve on-site. Tall Order Structures have been building commentary boxes for the BBC and ESPN for over 10 years and has worked with different glazing materials in the past, but only Marlon FSX polycarbonate is soft enough to create the curves needed, whilst being tough enough to withstand high winds’’.

The commentary box that’s positioned strategically on the golf course, provides the ultimate solution for the BBC enabling the perfect view of the course for both commentators and cameramen. The consistent and smooth surface of Marlon FSX polycarbonate shows no manufacturing ‘shudder’ distortions, providing the best indoor view possible for the hi-tech cameras.

Marlon FSX Longlife is co-extruded with a UV protective layer on both sides which prevents the sheet from weathering and prolongs the life of the sheet. As with all Marlon Polycarbonate Marlon FSX Longlife carries a 10 year warranty.

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