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Marlon FSX - T-Systems Barcelona

Marlon FSX - T-Systems Barcelona 8mm Blue Marlon FSX was the preferred material in a modern glazing solution for the atrium located on top of the T-Systems building in Barcelona, Spain. Initially the architect had specified glass and/or polycarbonate sheet to provide light and shade to the atrium area, though as high temperatures can be reached during summer, heat control was an imperative factor too for choosing the most suitable material for the project.

An extensive study of different heat factors resulted in a required sheet thickness of 8mm. As the weight of glass would become too heavy at this thickness, the choice for Marlon FSX blue polycarbonate was made. At only half the weight, polycarbonate offered a much lighter alternative to glass, without compromising on impact resistance. In addition it offered high natural light transmission, excellent fire performance and dual sided UV protection, preventing 98% of damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet. The blue finish was chosen as it provides an attractive transparent shading.

Not only did the study determine the thickness of the polycarbonate sheet, it also resulted in the recommendation of using double skinned glazing in order to achieve the required heat control. The added layer provided extra insulation, reducing the solar gain further.

Another deciding factor was the design flexibility polycarbonate offers and the ability to cold curve the sheet on site. The cost of creating curved glass to match the aesthetics of the building would have been prohibitive. The alternative of using faceted glass panels would also have had cost and weight implications that would not have met the architect’s vision.

In total approximately 900m² of 8mm Blue Marlon FSX was used to create an architecturally striking atrium on top of the T-Systems building that’s located amongst iconic buildings, including the Torre Agabar, in the 22@Districst, a regeneration project that is converting Barcelona’s Poblenou neighbourhood into the city’s centre of technology and innovation. Read more about Marlon FSX.

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