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Alftanes Swimming Pool, Iceland

1.3mm Clear Marlon CS Longlife corrugated polycarbonate and 3mm Clear Marlon FSX Longlife flat polycarbonate was used to glaze the stairwell of the 10m high slide at Álftanes Swimming Pool in Iceland. 

The outdoor pool which has the only wave pool in Iceland along with a number of hot tubs and slides is open all year round.  Its close proximity to the sea means that it is subject to adverse weather conditions as well as temperature extremes of between -27˚C and +27˚C. 

The building contractors required a material to glaze the stairwell of its tallest slide that would allow swimmers to take in the breaktaking views of the surrounding landscape and would be resilient enough to withstand the weather conditions and temperature extremes.

Marlon polycarbonate sheet was the perfect material choice due to its high optical clarity and superb strength, at almost 200 times stronger than glass the material is robust and resistant to impact damage yet light in weight and easy to handle and install.

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