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Marlon FS Hard used for anti-vandal windows

Norris Green - Marlon FS Hard Brett Martin has come to the rescue of a dilapidated youth club in Liverpool by responding to a DIY SOS in aid of Children in Need. Brett Martin certainly helped them make an impact by donating Marlon FS Hard strike-resistant polycarbonate for the centre’s security windows.

The primetime BBC makeover programme aired its ‘Big Build’ to six million viewers as a Children in Need Special in November. The anti-vandal windows, manufactured by Brett Martin’s partner Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd using Marlon FS Hard, hit the spot in more ways than one when presenter Nick Knowles struck one with a baseball bat. Nick’s wrist came off worse, as the window was undamaged.

Nick Hughes, National Sales Manager for Brett Martin said: “Seeing the sheet being hit by a baseball bat really demonstrates Marlon FS Hard’s strength and durability, although it is subjected to much more rigorous testing than that! It is used extensively for security applications so the youth centre, which is unfortunately frequently vandalised, was a perfect application. We donated more than 50m2 of Marlon FS Hard, pre-cut to size, to Crimeshield Manufacturing to produce the windows and hope the centre has many more safe and secure years ahead of it.”

Marlon FS Hard is a lightweight yet highly resilient polycarbonate. Two hundred times stronger than glass, it is virtually unbreakable, allows high light transmission and is abrasion resistant on both sides. The polycarbonate sheet incorporates a durable surface coating which resists marks and scratches, vandalism, chemicals and physical attack. It is fire, weather and UV resistant and carries a limited ten year warranty. 

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