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MXB Meeting Pod

MXB Marlon CS Diamond Meeting Pod

When Belfast-based MXB required an additional meeting room in its design studio, a previously unused space facing the reception area proved the most suitable location.  Requiring a bright, airy space which provided privacy while making the best possible use of the limited space available, a semi-private meeting area was designed.   

For the project, eight identical Marlon CS Diamond panels each measuring 214mm x 2645mm were installed between timber beams.  The finished result was a stylish ‘meeting pod’ which fitted in perfectly in the modern design studio.  The 2.8mm thick Marlon CS Diamond sheet with a striking prismatic embossed finish ensured the level of privacy required by a workplace meeting space whilst allowing the room to benefit from plenty of daylight. 

Available in 2.6mm and 2.8mm thicknesses, Marlon CS Diamond is a super strength corrugated glazing material with double sided Longlife UV protection as standard.  A range of tints are available including clear for glass like light transmission as well as bronze and blue tints.  Marlon CS Diamond is ideal for rooflight and vertical glazing applications which require enhanced sheet strength and also lends itself perfectly to a range of decorative applications such as interior design, shop outfitting, screening and partitioning. 

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