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Sign and Display

Engraving and Routering

Westgate Tyres and Exhaust Signage, Morecombe, England
Westgate Tyres and Exhaust Signage, Foamalux White 10mm
Foamalux F1 Car
Foamalux was used to create F1 replica Car for FESPA 2019
Foamalux White Wedding Displays
Foamalux White foam PVC was used to create a stunning range of bespoke wedding displays
Marlon FS Eiffel Tower Cake Stand
5mm Marlon FS was used to create a bespoke wedding cake stand based on the Eiffel Tower
Wolsey Window Display
5mm Foamalux White foam PVC was used to create a stunning backdrop to signify the launch of Wolsey’s…
Alice in Wonderland Foamalux Neon Pink
3mm Foamalux Neon Pink stood out at the enchanted ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed exhibition stand
Joseph Window Display Foamalux White tree
3mm Foamalux White transformed Joseph's London flagstore.
Engraved Portraits
3mm Foamalux Xtra, the perfect material for engraving portraits
Running track Marwell Zoo
10mm Foamalux White used for display at running track Marwell Zoo
Engraving Foamalux Xtra
Excellent effects and creative design opportunities are possible with Foamalux Xtra.
London Eye Tea Party
Foamalux White dropped in for a tea party installation piece at the London Eye.
Valentine Hearts London Eye 2012
Love is in the air at London Eye
Bombardier Sign
Recycled Black foam PVC takes off
Valentine Heart London Eye 2011
Foamalux Colour steals heart of London Eye

Illuminated Signage

100% Design Show
Marcryl FS acrylic sheet in clear material was used to create a dramatic lightbox feature on an…
Ceiling Display Boxes, Berlin, Germany
Ceiling Display Boxes, Foamalux White 1mm

Printing, Lamination and Vinyl

Foamalux Foam PVC At the Heart of Arts & Crafts
Foamalux Foam PVC At the Heart of Arts & Crafts
Foamalux White F1 Racing Car
3D model kit of a F1 Racing Car created from 5mm Foamalux White
Foamalux Rhino
3D model exhibiting the printing and routering capabilities of Foamalux Foam PVC
Foamalux White Adidas Olympics POS
3mm Foamalux White proved to be a winner for Adidas’ promotion during the 2012 Olympics.
Foamalux White Gourmet Popcorn & Bon Bons catering stand
3mm Foamalux White was the preferred choice of material to form the till & service point and signage…
BAA Signage
Foamalux White reproduces the quality output of dazzling images and pin sharp text for UK airports…
Brix Moto
19mm Foamalux White used for 6 foot high cutouts
An Ultra display for a Piccadilly Theatre
Foamalux Ultra, Gloss Foam PVC created a larger than life size Buddy Holly for a Piccadilly Theatre.
Foamalux White features in Copenhagen
Foamalux White was the material of choice for an impressive 30m art display in the city centre of…
Covent Garden
Black Foamalux was used to create blackboard effect signage for the New Covent Garden Soup Company.
Crossland Sign
Foamalux Xtra was chosen for as signage for Crossland
RHS Chelsea Flower Show Signage
Foamalux Xtra provides the recycled signage solution at the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show
The Gloss effect for supermarket signage
Foamalux Ultra was used as indoor printed signage in a large supermarket chain in Denmark.
Grand Prix Exhibition Stand
Foamalux Xtra SI, Recycled Foam PVC was used to create the graphics to support the Grand Prix theme
Foamalux Black Gucci Guilty London
3mm Foamalux Black was used to create a branded media backdrop at a promotional event for Gucci…
Adventure Island Signage
Adventure Island, Junction One used Foamalux Ultra to create fun, eye catching signage
Foamalux White - Mimaki stand at PSI 2014
Foamalux White features at Mimaki stand at PSI 2014 in Dusseldorf. Read more...
Hamley's 3-D Signage
The quality, flawless finish of Foamalux provides unlimited application possibilities
Ray-Ban Point of Sale
Foamalux Ultra, Gloss Foam PVC was chosen for Ray Ban "appointed stockist" for point of purchase
Roskilde Festival Signage
Foamalux was used to create educational signage regarding Global Warming at Roskilde Festival.
School Traffic Watch Signage
Foamalux, Foam PVC was chosen for an outdoor educational campaign for schools.
Foamalux Football Hoardings
Foamalux was chosen for the sign fascias due to its lightweight nature, durability and ease to fix.

Safety Signage

Protective Poster Cover
Marlon FS offers the ultimate protection for outdoor poster and signage displays

Vac Forming

Vac Formed Cinema Seats
Foamalux is an ideal material to create seat backs and bases which are suitable for cinemas.

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