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Alice in Wonderland Foamalux Neon Pink

Neon Pink Foamalux - Alice in Wonderland

3mm Foamalux Neon Pink stood out at the enchanted ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed exhibition stand at the annual VM & Display show held in the Business Design Centre London from 16 – 18 April 2013. The stand that showcased different materials used for large format printing and signage solutions received particular interest in a small flock of router cut bright pink flamingos and loveable Cheshire Cats made out of Neon Pink Foamalux, one of four new exciting colours recently added to the Foamalux Colour foam PVC range.

The intense almost illuminating colour of the Neon Pink together with the lightness and ease of workability of Foamalux foam PVC proved to be the perfect combination to demonstrate the endless design possibilities for pop up shows, POS and window displays.

The four new additions, including Neon Pink, Neon Green, Raspberry and Black Sparkle set Foamalux even further apart from other brands, with 15 available shades in its Foamalux Colour collection to make it the widest range of foam PVC available. Foamalux Colour not only offers depth and intensity of colour, it has a consistent smooth matt surface, making it ideal for a variety of applications for digital or screen printing, graphics adhesion and fabrication.

The Foamalux range consists of Foamalux White, the bright white, direct to print substrate available in 1-19mm; Foamalux Ultra offering a high quality gloss finish in six colours and Foamalux Xtra, the environmentally friendly option that comprises of a black recycled core sandwiched between one or two white PVC surfaces. Read more about the Foamalux Limited Edition Colours.

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