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Foamalux White Joseph Window Tree

3mm foamalux White - Joseph Window Tree

Foamalux White foam PVC was used to transform Joseph’s London flagship store into a vision of spring-time inspired by White Blossom trees. To give the trees a more ‘Joseph’ feel, 3mm Foamalux White was cut to shape on a Kongsberg creating lacelike leaves turning them into artificial plastic objects that are un-expected yet beautiful. The display plays on elements of light and shadow creating a both feminine and masculine effect and works as an amazing backdrop to showcase Joseph’s brands which have intricate lace details, couture elements and are also pure in their aesthetic. Foamalux White was chosen due to its bright white finish, flexibility to cut small detailed shape and form with ultra-smooth edges. Read more about Foamalux White.

Brett Martin’s foam pvc range includes the widest choice of colours, thicknesses and sheet sizes available with direct to print Foamalux White; Foamalux Colour in 15 vibrant shades; the high gloss Foamalux Ultra in six colours and ‘eco’ Foamalux Xtra.

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