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Ceiling Display Boxes, Berlin, Germany

ceiling display frames

Location: Berlin, Germany

Fabricator: Stadur Produktions GmbH & Co. KG

Product: 1mm Foamalux White

Brett Martin’s Foamalux White was used in the construction of these striking ceiling display boxes at the DRIVE Volkswagon Group Forum in Berlin, winning 1st prize in the Sign and Display category of Brett Martin’s iAwards, November 2020.

The DRIVE Volkswagon Group Forum wanted a strong visual communications tool to showcase Volkswagon’s use of e-mobility in the future.

Stadur’s customer needed a lightweight foam board to make these display boxes, which hang by two wires from the ceiling, and chose Stadur Viscom as the perfect choice for this application. 1mm Foamalux White is used as the skin of the Stadur boards in this application.  The smooth surface was ideal for the application of printed vinyls. The completed display boxes were then illuminated using ceiling mounted spotlights. 


  • Lightweight
  • Stiff yet bendable
  • Easy to cut and process
  • Smooth surface
  • Good for vinyl application

Solutions Found:

  • 1mm Foamalux White


  • Foamalux adds little weight to the overall construction of the board and ultimately the ceiling display box
  • Its smooth surface provides the ideal media for attaching vinyls to communicate Volkswagon’s message.

What our customer said:

“1mm foam PVC material has been an integral part of our product range for many years and we have huge experience in using it to manufacture our lightweight foam boards.” - Stadur Produktions


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