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Foamalux White Adidas Olympics POS

Adidas Olympics Foamalux White 3mm Foamalux White proved to be a winner for Adidas’ promotion during the 2012 Olympics. As part of a 3x5m point of sale display, 3mm Foamalux White was used to create a 3D cross, the main body of the flag. The consistent silky and smooth matt surface of Foamalux made it very easy to apply the gold foil and matt metallic vinyls to achieve the desired gold finish. In addition, the designer chose Foamalux for this part of the display as it is a strong and rigid substrate, yet light in weight and very easily fabricated. To complete the Olympic themed POS, the rest of the cross was made out of clear acetate and acrylic, covered with gold frosted vinyls and surrounded by life size freestanding cut out Olympians creating an inspiring scene with a real feel of victory. Read more about Foamalux White.

Brett Martin’s foam pvc range includes the widest choice of colours, thicknesses and sheet sizes available with direct to print Foamalux White; Foamalux Colour in 15 vibrant shades; the high gloss Foamalux Ultra in six colours and ‘eco’ Foamalux Xtra.

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