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Foamalux White features in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Ballet Hoarding - Foamalux White Foamalux White was the material of choice for an impressive 30m art display in the city centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. 5mm Foamalux foam PVC was used to create hoarding around a construction site in Kongens Nytorv, showcasing a sample of ‘The Essence of Ballet’, an art project by Ingrid Bugge built upon her abstraction over the Royal Danish Ballet in 2012-2013. Over 12 panels of 3.05x1.56m were printed directly on a UV flatbed printer with blown up images of 6 of Bugge’s photographs capturing ballet performances, creating a mind-blowing installation at one of Copenhagen’s busiest traffic points. Foamalux White was chosen due to its superb print quality, direct to substrate print capability, firmness and ease of workability. The size of the panels enabled the designer to cover the entire scaffolding façade, stretching the installation out over 30 meter, creating a unique opportunity for the artist to expose her work to a varied audience of Danes, tourists, business people, children, adults, ballet interested people and ballet novices. Read more about Foamalux White.

Brett Martin’s foam pvc range includes the widest choice of colours, thicknesses and sheet sizes available with direct to print Foamalux White; Foamalux Colour in 15 vibrant shades; the high gloss Foamalux Ultra in six colours and ‘eco’ Foamalux Xtra.

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