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New Sample Box for Transparent Flat Sheet Range

Our wide range of transparent semi-finished flat sheet products is now available in one handy sample box. The sample box showcases the extensive portfolio of specialist transparent plastics on  offer and highlights Brett Martin as the one-stop shop for transparent flat sheet products.

Including Marlon FS Polycarbonate, Marcryl FS Acrylic, Marpet-g FS PETg and Marpet-a FS aPET each possessing individual characteristics and features, the range delivers maximum versatility and creativity for the construction, sign & display and fabrication industries. The sample box contains a selection of different thicknesses, colours and finishes including:


  • Marlon FS Polycarbonate (0.75mm – 15mm)
    A highly durable, impact resistant and light thermoplastic that can be thermoformed, fabricated and cold curved for use in architectural rooflights, specialist glazing applications and is ideal for displays, poster covers and illuminated signage. Read more about Marlon FS Polycarbonate.  

  • Marcryl FS Acrylic (2 - 10mm)
    The high gloss glass-like finish of Marcryl FS acrylic makes it ideal for signs to POS and light boxes. Read more about Marcryl FS Acrylic.

  • Marpet-g FS PETg (0.5mm – 12mm)
    A lightweight, durable and clear option that does not crystallize making it ideal for hot line bending and complex vacuum forming including displays, POS, protective screens, vending equipment and light boxes. Read more about Marpet-g FS PETg.

  • Marpet-a FS aPET (2 - 4mm)
    Combining high transparency and impact strength it’s ideal for flat and cold bending applications and fabrication items including POS, poster glazing, machine guards and visors. Read more about Marpet-a FS aPET.


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