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And the winner of the 2018 iAwards is…..the Foamalux Rhino!

Brett Martin 2018 iAwards Winners Announced

Brett Martin are delighted to announce the Foamalux Rhino as the winner of the 2018 iAwards! Once again we were overwhelmed with great application photos in response to the competition which always makes the judging a difficult task.  There were a number of strong contenders showcasing the use of Brett Martin Plastic Sheets across a number of different industries but there could only be one winner. Coming in a close 2nd place was the Salab Mall in Cairo and in 3rd place the Frankfurt Book Fair. Well done to all of you!

1st Place – Foamalux Rhino
This impressive Rhino figure is one of a number of mini Rhinos printed and routered from 5mm Foamalux White. They are actually smaller replicas of a full sized Foamalux Rhino which was centre piece at the Starleaton stand at the PacPrint exhibition in Melbourne in May 2017.

‘We printed the Foamalux White sheets on an EFI HS125 hi speed UV printer with Starleaton branding on one side and a solid red on the other side which highlighted the smooth printing surface of the Foamalux sheet. The mini Rhinos were then cut on a ZUND G3 cutting table to show the quality of the finish on the edges. This allowed us to demonstrate the capabilities of both the machinery and Foamalux White sheet on the exhibition stand. The small Rhinos also made great giveaway samples for our visitors to the stand.’ commented Ben Eaton, CEO at Starleaton.

We think you will agree that this is a highly imaginative application which shows the creativity and superb printability and workability of Foamalux White Foam PVC sheet. A very worthy winner of this year’s iAwards.

Foamalux Rhino

2nd Place – Salab Mall
6mm Clear Marlon FSX Longlife was used to glaze this stunning rooflight on the new Salab Mall, ceramic show room in Cairo. The impressive dome rooflight which is oval in shape has a base diameter of 34m x 14m and is 4m high. The fixed mobile display of birds underneath the rooflight gives the appearance of looking up to the sky.

Clear Marlon FSX Longlife is ideal for projects like this as its glass like properties provide high levels of natural light transmission and optical clarity to flood the building with natural daylight.

‘Marlon FSX Longlife is much lighter in weight than glass and can be cold curved on-site for ease of installation.’ said Helmy Youssef, Polytech Egypt. The sheets are also co-extruded with Longlife UV protection on both sides which acts to filter out harmful UV rays of the sun protecting the sheet from the effects of weathering in the strong sun.

Marlon FSX Salab Mall Rooflight

3rd Place – Frankfurt Book Fair
Three different structures and sheet thicknesses of Marlon ST Longlife multiwall polycarbonate were intricately cut, cleaned and glued into place to create this spectacular stand throughout the Flemish & Dutch pavilions at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The book fair, which took place in Frankfurt from 19th until 23rd October 2016, is the world's biggest book fair with 7,000 exhibitors and 280,000 visitors.

‘Marlon ST Longlife was chosen for its multiwall structure which has certain acoustic properties. This allowed us to design an exquisite structure for the stand whilst also creating a peaceful and quiet ambience in the hall of the book fair.’ explained Monika Brink, Wilkes GmbH Schwelm.

A very unusual and imaginative application indeed – well done!

Marlon ST Bookfair Stand

Brett Martin would like to congratulate this year's winners and thank everyone who took the time to enter the competition. The winning applications along with a selection of other entries are featured in the 2018 Calendar.

Remember to keep sending in your application photos to All applications received will automatically be put forward for next year’s iAwards!