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And the winner of the 2019 iAwards is…..Teatro Atahualpa!

2019 iAwards Winner Announced

Brett Martin is delighted to announce the stunning Teatro Atahualpa (Atahualpa Theatre) as the winner of the 2019 iAwards!

There were a number of strong contenders showcasing the use of Brett Martin Plastic Sheets across a number of different industries. Coming in a close 2nd place was the exciting Paragraph Resort & Spa in Georgia and in 3rd place the impressive National Conference Centre in Costa Rica. A huge congratulations to all of you!

1st Place – Teatro Atahualpa (Marlon ST)

This stunning application is a product of Acimco, Ecuador working with Ecuadorian artist, Aquiles Jarrín, to provide the perfect product to bring this stunning vision to life.

Teatro Atahualpa

The project was centred on the annual "Light Party" in the colonial city centre of Quito, part of the UNESCO world heritage. During the festival iconic architectural buildings are illuminated. It’s a popular tourist attraction which welcomed 91,000 visitors last year.

‘The artist wanted to change the façade and colours of the Old "Teatro Atahualpa" which was finished in 1958. The objective was to create an illuminated façade to stand out among the colonial buildings next to it’ commented Bernardo Proaño, Gerente Operaciones at Acimco. ‘In contrast with all the other sites, Teatro Atahualpa was illuminated from back to front, to achieve this we recommended the use of Marlon ST Opal 6 mm sheets as they provide a diffused light transmission and help to create the glowing effect on the building. We believe that Acimco and Brett Martin made a great job to help this artist express himself’.

We think you will agree that this is a highly creative application which shows the diversity of Marlon ST Longlife sheet. A very worthy winner of the 2019 iAwards.

2nd Place – Paragraph Resort & Spa, Geogria (Marlon ST)

Four different tints of 6mm Twinwall Marlon ST Longlife - clear, bronze, blue & green - were supplied by Amiran, Ukraine to create this stunning rooflight and vertical façade on the Paragraph Resort & Spa located on the picturesque coast line, beside the Black Sea in Georgia.

Paragraph Resort & Spa

The coloured Marlon ST sheets were cut into small sections to create this unique mosaic pattern on the rooflight and façade which had a stunning effect both inside and outside of the building.

Marlon ST Longlife is light in weight and easy to cut and install. The various transparent tint options create a stunning effect when glazing rooflights and facades which is perfectly illustrated by this project.  The sheets are also co-extruded with Longlife UV protection on both sides which acts to filter out harmful UV rays of the sun protecting the sheet from the effects of weathering especially in the hot coastal climate.

The pictures look amazing. This was a very close runner up. Congratulations!


3rd Place – Costa Rica Centro de Convenciones (Marlon ST)

8mm Pearlescent Marlon ST Longlife was used to glaze the rooflight and curved façade of the Centro de Convenciones in Costa Rica. The semi-translucent sheets provided the perfect backdrop to display the illuminated forest images whilst providing a diffused natural light into the building.

Centro de Convenciones

‘The architect needed a product that would allow him to highlight the images of the illuminated forest, but also that was strong and durable in such a harsh environment’ said Franco Federico, Polyacril. ‘The pearlescent coloured Marlon ST sheets met all of his expectations and was the preferred choice between several proposed options.’

Another beautiful and imaginative application indeed – well done!

Brett Martin would like to congratulate this year's winners and thank everyone who took the time to enter the competition. The winning applications along with a selection of other entries are featured in the 2019 Calendar.

Remember to keep sending in your application photos to All applications received will automatically be put forward for next year’s iAwards!