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Foamalux White, bringing colour to life

Foamalux White Butterfly Foamalux White, Change for the better
Ultra smooth, ultra bright Foamalux white foam pvc sheet, enables high definition digital printers to deliver pin sharp clarity and a dazzling finish. The bright white colour formulation brings colour to vibrant life, achieving optimum print clarity of the highest quality. The rigid, even surface is ideal for intricate cutting, creating durable displays that stand up to knocks and scratches. The versatile Foamalux White range, in thicknesses from 1 - 24mm, can be easily cut and routered.

The Foamalux White range also provides an ideal bright white surface for traditional sign and display applications. Even in large format, Foamalux is only a fraction of the weight of solid display material of similar strength, making it much easier to handle and install.

Key Features:
• Bright white colour formulation             • Consistent surface
• Hard flat rigid sheet                              • Direct to print
• Excellent colour reproduction               • Easily fabricated, cut and routered
• Superb graphics adhesion

Foamalux White, the bright white signage and printing substrate is part of the Foamlaux range, one of the most extensive in the world which also features vibrant colours, high gloss finish and a black recycled core and co-extruded white surface. Foamalux provides infinite capabilities, and processes with ease to provide an exceptional finish whatever the requirement.

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