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New 15mm Clear Flat Polycarbonate Sheet

15mm Clear Flat Polycarbonate Sheet

New 15mm clear, flat polycarbonate sheet

A super strength new addition to the flat polycarbonate sheet range is now available, with the introduction of 15mm clear, flat polycarbonate Marlon FS sheet.
The Marlon FS sheet range offers a unique combination of clarity, strength, durability, design freedom, and thermal and fire resistance making it the ideal material for roofing, glazing and fabrication. Renowned for unbeatable impact resistance against breakage and shattering Marlon FS is 200 times stronger than glass, at just half the weight. These high performance features make it an exceptional product for safety glazing, protective screening and visors.
The new 15mm thickness allows for superior impact strength, easily withstanding a blow of a hammer, and the perfect choice for use in safety glazing applications, in vandal prone areas or in applications which require enhanced shatter resistance protective screening. This new addition which is the thickest sheet option now available in the 2–15mm Marlon FS range, offers benefits in sound reduction suitable for applications such as acoustic barriers and machine guards. Available in clear, 15mm Marlon FS does not compromise light transparency, maintaining high optical clarity and an attractive sheet finish. With the added benefit of transparency, 15mm Marlon FS is suitable for applications surrounding transportation such as motorways and railways, acting as a sound barrier with benefits in noise reduction.
Marlon FS can also be cold curved, fabricated, thermoformed, hot bent and bonded, making it an ideal product for barrel vault roofing, rooflights, and as a superior glazing solution. Read more on the Marlon FS range

Other key products within the Marlon FS flat polycarbonate sheet range include Marlon FSX with standard UV protection on both sides of the sheet and Marlon FS Hard that includes an abrasion resistant and chemical resistant coating.

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