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New Marlon FSX with diamond embossed finish

New Marlon FSX diamond embossed

New diamond embossed finish for Marlon FSX

A sparkling new addition to the flat polycarbonate sheet range is now available in Marlon FSX with a stunning diamond embossed finish. This finish offers a deeper, stronger and more uniform prismatic pattern than standard embossed finish. Available in clear, bronze and blue, the polycarbonate sheet enhances aesthetics in any glazing application and can also be used for added privacy.

At 2.8mm thick, the superior glazing material continues to offer the key features of Marlon FSX with exceptional strength, dual sided UV protection and excellent fire performance. Marlon FSX is 200 times stronger but less than half the weight of glass, and prevents 98% of damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet.

Marlon FSX diamond embossed is ideal for rooflights, vertical glazing, canopies, specialist glazing applications, and is suitable to cold bend on site. Temperature and chemical resistance make a resilient product, which also has design flexibility. The lightweight sheet is easy to cut, handle and install, lending itself perfectly to a range of decorative applications such as interior design, shop outfitting, screening and partitioning. Marlon FSX carries a 10 year warranty.   

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