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Marlon FSX 10mm used for Pilsen Athletic Stadium

Pilsen Stadium - Marlon FSX 10mm The highly impressive newly built athletic stadium in Pilsen, Czech Republic, the European Capital of Culture 2015, has used Marlon FSX for the handrails and balustrades of the 852 seated spectators stand. The 10mm thick Marlon FSX panels were placed within a strong frame to create the handrail partitions and proved the ideal choice for the current application as it provides a strong and solid structure that is highly resistant to cracking and damage, whilst providing spectators with a clear view of the athletic track and pitch.

10mm Marlon FSX was chosen, not only for its crystal clear and transparent finish, but also because of its superior strength and added safety features. Marlon FSX is class 1 fire rated; a determining factor in the material choice for a large capacity arena, which currently holds 800+ spectators. In addition, the dual sided layers of UV protection, prevent damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet and prevents the sheet from yellowing over time, ensuring the material will withstand the various weather elements that the Czech Republic is accustomed to throughout the year. Combined with an excellent strength to weight ratio, it is easy to handle and install, making it the perfect solution for the covered grandstand of the stadium.

With a sleek design and professional finish, alongside the various facilities including athletics pitches, offices, changing rooms, a gymnasium and even an indoor, 5-track tunnel, the IAAF certified stadium can host international championships and is an outstanding new venue for aspiring athletes and clubs across the Czech Republic. Read more about Marlon FSX.