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Discover our range of Thermoforming Plastic Sheet at SPE Thermoforming Conference, Rome

SPE Thermoforming Conference 2018 - Visit our Stand

Brett Martin are exhibiting at the SPE European Thermoforming Conference 2018 in the Marriott Park Hotel, Rome, on Thursday 15th – Friday 16th March 2018

This is the single most important event in the thermoforming calendar and is where Europe’s leading exponents in thermoforming gravitate to network. This event is unique as it is run especially for the thermoforming industry and is organised solely by members of the industry.

For Brett Martin Plastic Sheets the focus at the ETD Thermoforming Conference will be our diverse range of thermoforming plastics which includes PETg, Polycarbonate and Foam PVC.

Marpet-g FS is a clear transparent thermoplastic co-polyester (PETg) that offers excellent strength to weight ratio, outstanding optical clarity, superior chemical resistance, durability, fire resistance and is 100% recyclable.  Marpet-f FS can be thermoformed using general forming techniques including thermoforming, vacuum forming and line bending. Marpet-g FS does not require pre-drying and form between 120 – 160 °C.  Available in 0.5mm – 12mm, the excellent thermoforming properties of clear Marpet-g FS makes it the ideal product for sign, display and store fixture applications. 

Marlon FS is a premium quality extruded flat polycarbonate sheet which provides 200 times more impact resistance than glass at only half the weight. The sheet is characterised by high optical clarity, light transmission, impact resistance, durability, design flexibility, thermal insulation and fire resistance. Before thermoforming, remove masking films and pre-dry at 120 °C to remove absorbed moisture. Thermoforming should be performed immediately after drying as moisture re-absorption starts when the dried sheet temperature falls below 100 °C. Available in 0.75mm – 15mm, Marlon FS is ideal for applications such as thermoformed trays, coloured parts, signage and protective screens.

Foamalux is an extensive range of Foam PVC sheets, available in a choice of 15 colours and bright white and thicknesses of 1-24mm. The Foamalux range also features a high gloss finish product and a black recycled core and co-extruded white surface product. Foamalux sheets do not need to be pre-dried prior to forming. Components which are relatively simple and shallow in form are thermoforable from Foamalux when heated to an elastic state. Air-pressure forming is possible in the thermos-elastic range at about 130 °C and pressures of about 2 bars and vacuum forming at about 170 °C. Foamalux is ideal for applications such as signage, print and display.

With certification and approvals throughout the range, our plastic sheets are manufactured in Brett Martin’s own UK based BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited factories.

Visit us on at the Mariott Park Hotel on Thursday 15th – Friday 16th March to experience our range of World Class Thermoforming Plastics for yourself.

Brands Available:

                Marpet-g FS

                Marlon FS



       Show: SPE European Thermoforming Conference 2018

       Show Venue Marriott Park Hotel, Rome, Italy

       Date: Thursday 15th – Friday 16th March 2018

       Opening Hours: Thursday 15th 08.30 - 16.00 hrs, Friday 16th: 08.30 - 16.00 hrs