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First Class Fire Performance from Marlon Clickfix1040

Polycarbonate Click Panel

Marlon Clickfix1040, the complete architectural glazing system from Brett Martin has achieved a fire certification class B-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1.    

The modular multiwall polycarbonate panels have been proven to display a ‘venting’ property by softening and opening when exposed to fire, allowing smoke, heat and gases to escape, helping to limit fire damage within a building.    

The modular design of Marlon Clickfix1040 consists of interlocking panels which simply click and fix into place for fast and easy installation and a completely seamless façade.   

Marlon Clickfix1040 40mm tenwall panels are manufactured from damage resistant Marlon multiwall polycarbonate.  The insulating internal walls provide a U-value of 0.99W/m2k making it a thermally efficient method of introducing natural light into a building, reducing the overall consumption of energy.    

Available in glass clear for maximum light transmission, pearlescent for a softer, diffused light and a variety of tints and colours with varying degrees of solar control, Marlon Clickfix1040 is suitable for use in all building types in either façade or roof, as cladding or partitioning, internally or externally.    

As with all Marlon multiwall polycarbonate, Marlon Clickfix1040 has a full a 10 year warranty.    

A range of accessories are also available including options for a fully thermally broken system.    

Brett Martin has an impressive portfolio of products in a variety of plastic material options which include Marlon® Polycarbonate, Marvec® PVC, Marpet® APET, Foamalux® Foam PVC and Marcryl® Acrylic.  Sheet options include multiwall, corrugated and flatsheet as well as complete systems for roofing and glazing applications. 


For further information on Marlon Clickfix1040 visit Polycarbonate Click Panel.