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Foamalux, A Spectrum of Colours

Coloured Foam PVC

Foamalux, the worlds leading foam PVC sheet has a renowned reputation as a popular signmaking substrate in a full spectrum of colours. It is easy to form and fabricate and its light weight nature also simplifies transportation and installation. The perfectly flat and consistent surface provides the ideal base for either printing or decoration with vinyl-cut graphics. This alongside the widest range of colour choices available from one manufacturer makes Foamalux the option of choice.

The standard range is available in white plus 12 vibrant shades, choose from the full spectrum of colours: strawberry red, red, orange, sunburst yellow, yellow, ivory, dark green, green, blue, light blue, grey and black – the Ultra range includes white plus six lustre shades: red, yellow, green, blue, grey, black and white which incorporates a co-extruded gloss layer, providing extra durability as well as a highly attractive finish.

Widely regarded as the best range of coloured sheets available, they are specified due to their depth and intensity of colour and as Foamalux sheets are self coloured they reduce the impact of knocks and scratches so they look better for longer.

With increasingly exacting design specifications now becoming the norm, the expansive range of coloured Foamalux options available from Brett Martin Plastic Sheets enables customers to satisfy even the most outlandish demands of their customers.

For further information on the full spectrum of colours in the Foamalux range visit Coloured Foam PVC.