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Foamalux offers an Xtra dimension for Sign & Display applications

Foamlaux Xtra, Recycled Foam PVC

Innovative additions to the extensive range of Foamalux Foam PVC sheet products now includes: Foamalux Xtra, an environmentally friendly substrate with excellent processing capabilities.   

Manufactured from recycled foam PVC recovered from production and post consumer signage waste Foamalux Xtra helps reduce waste, is better for the environment and due to its design offers creative routing and engraving possibilities.  This greener choice proves that the recycled option does not compromise on quality.   

Foamalux Xtra is a unique material comprising a recycled black core of up to 80% recycled content sandwiched between one or two pristine white surfaces of virgin PVC. Lightweight, durable and with a Class 1 fire rating Foamalux Xtra is available in a 3mm and 5mm single sided option (S1 Xtra) and 10mm, 13mm & 19mm double sided options (S2 Xtra) in sheet widths up to 1560mm.    

The high density, fine, uniform surface results in a better quality finish for all types of processing and the flat, smooth surface provides excellent adhesion for print and vinyl application.  The colour formulation of Xtra’s surface has been developed specifically for UV stability in digital processing and to minimise yellowing and maximise colour reproduction and its unique black core creates an excellent bevelled edge effect when routered or an interesting contrast when engraved.  The use of reclaimed material means that Foamalux Xtra provides a cost effective option especially where a thicker substrate is required.

Easy to work with and fabricate Foamalux Xtra really does offer unlimited scope and creative opportunities across many applications which include shadow effect signage, engraved signage, screenprinting and vinyl application possibilities.  The material can be used for site-boards, exhibitions, display units, shop fitting and point of sale.   

Foamalux Xtra is part of the comprehensive range of Foamalux Foam PVC sheet, which includes bright white for enhanced digital printing, and an extensive range of colours in satin and gloss finishes.  For further information on the Foamalux Xtra range of recycled Foam PVC visit Recycled Foam PVC.