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Introducing Marpet aPET to the Plastic Sheets range

aPet Sheet

Brett Martin Plastic Sheets' new range of Marpet, aPET polyester sheet combines high optical clarity, with excellent light transmission, strength and chemical resistance making it a highly desirable material option.  Marpet is also 100% recyclable making it both economical and environmentally friendly.

The sheet includes profiled, flat and roll options which are perfect for use in a wide variety of end uses.  Its high optical clarity, weather resistance and  optional UV protection layer makes it an ideal material for internal and external glazing and print and display applications.  The material is light in weight and easy to install.  Damage and impact resistance makes the sheet robust and suitable for applications which may be in danger of vandalism or accidental harm.

The profiled sheet includes options of Iron, Greca, 177/51 and Iron Mini profiles, the flat sheet range incorporates thickness 0.8mm–1.5mm, 0.8mm is also available in roll format.

Brett Martin Plastic Sheets has an impressive portfolio of products in a variety of plastic material options which include Marlon® Polycarbonate, Marvec® PVC, Foamalux® Foam PVC and Marcryl® Acrylic.  Sheet options include multiwall, corrugated and flat sheet as well as complete systems for roofing and glazing applications.

For further information on the Marpet range visit aPET.