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New Corrugated Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

Corrugated Multiwall Polycarbonate

Marlon CST, the new corrugated multiwall polycarbonate sheet from Brett Martin Plastic Sheets, has all of the characteristics associated with Marlon CS corrugated polycarbonate including high levels of light transmission, a superb resistance to impact and at 200 times stronger than glass the sheet is virtually shatterproof.

In addition, the multiwall structure provides increased insulation and reduces the risk of condensation making Marlon CST suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

Clear, opal and translucent finishes are available, for maximum or controlled lighting, in 177/51 profile and a range of thicknesses up to 6mm.

Marlon CST can be used with fibre cement sheets or as a complete roof and wall sheeting material.

As with our Marlon CS corrugated polycarbonate, Marlon CST carries a 10 year light transmission warranty and a 3 year weather breakage warranty.

Brett Martin Plastic Sheets has an impressive portfolio of products in a variety of plastic material options which include Marlon® Polycarbonate, Marvec® PVC, Marpet® aPET, Foamalux® Foam PVC and Marcryl® Acrylic. Sheet options include multiwall, corrugated and flat sheet as well as complete systems for roofing and glazing applications.

For further information on Marlon CST visit Corrugated Multiwal Polycarbonate Sheets.