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The Designers Choice in Plastic

Acrylic Sheet, Flat PVC Sheet

Brett Martin Plastic Sheets manufacture a wide range of products which are ideal for fabrication.  Sheet products including Marcryl, acrylic sheet, Marlon FS, flat polycarbonate sheet and Foamalux, foam PVC sheet can be transformed easily and used on a diverse range of applications, from floor mats to visors, interior design, shop outfitting and even headlamps on some of the worlds most expensive cars.

Marcryl, acrylic sheet is characterised by a high gloss finish with good optical clarity. It is the preferred material for many interior design applications, point of sale and displays due to its versatility. The material is easy to fabricate and provides excellent thermoforming capabilities.  Marcryl and Marlon FS have been used to create a Guinness Hurling Cubed, an outer layer for a shoe designed by an up and coming fashion designer as well as a feature column on an exhibition stand. Marcryl is available in a range of tints, including opal, silica green and dense white.

Marlon FS flat sheet polycarbonate is another product which offers durability as well as design freedom. Marlon FS is one of the most versatile materials available; it is suitable for thermoforming, hot bending, cold curving and bonding. Applications include shaped visors, riot shields, acoustic barriers and film sets.  A wide choice of tints, thicknesses, finishes and special options including UV protection and a hard coat option protects the sheet from chemicals and abrasion and ensure that there is an option for every application.

Foamalux cuts, bends and shapes successfully and as this product is available in the widest choice of colours from one manufacturer it offers the designer even more scope and capabilities. Cinema seating, formed cubes which featured on an exhibition stand design, even a globe of light which was erected in Hoxton Square in London to launch the first Restaurant and Bar Design Awards was manufactured from Foamalux, foam PVC sheet.