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Riding Stable Conversion to 3 Contemporary Homes

Poseidon House

The builder of this magnificent barn conversion, from riding stable to three contemporary homes, was in need of a rainwater system which would remove rainwater quickly and efficiently from the building’s cedar roof tiles.

Designed with a 170mm profile, which has a capacity of 11.54 litres per second* to ensure rainwater is discharged quickly and efficiently, the Deepstyle 170 gutter profile from Brett Martin was the ideal solution.  Furthermore, with its higher capacity benefits, fewer discharge points were required, meaning less downpipes and savings in both materials and installation time.

To read the full case study on this project, click here or find out more on the Deepstyle 170 Rainwater range.

* Actual test results calculated in site conditions given a fall of 1:350 and maximum roof area 550m².


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