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Fittingly Accessible Access Fittings

Soil & Rainwater Systems, Access Fittings

Brett Martin’s Access Fittings for Soil Pipe are a hassle-free range and have proved to be the first choice for installers.

The insert has been designed with locators to ensure they fit neatly into the correct place for a completely watertight and airtight seal.

The 103mm opening allows full and easy access to the pipework system for testing and maintenance and the cap itself comes with hand grips for easy open and close whilst a unique quarter turn twist-and-lock feature makes it extremely difficult to cross thread. With a fully threaded housing there is the potential for cross-threading, making a positive air test extremely difficult to achieve. With fine plastic threads this can result in the pipe system needing to be dismantled to replace the entire fitting. Brett Martin’s fittings are impossible to cross-thread, removing this problematic element of installation.

Access fittings are available to suit both push-fit and solvent weld systems and include single socket access pipe, single and double socket access bends plus double and triple socket access branches.

All Brett Martin’s Soil access fittings are manufactured from PVC and Polypropylene components, making them durable and ultimately recyclable.

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