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New Products Offer Cost Benefits to Merchants

New Products

Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage has launched a host of new products across its underground drainage, rainwater and plumbing ranges. Developed in response to market demand and in-house design advances, many of the inspired additions either replace previous multi-product solutions or feature more flexible fittings, thereby reducing stock requirements and associated cost.

Ten new innovations have been introduced that offers a complete plumbing and drainage range.  Key new products include Universal Bottle Traps and an extended range of WC Connectors to augment the company’s aboveground soil and waste range and a Low Level P Trap Gully for underground drainage.

The space-saving Universal Bottle Traps are available in standard and telescopic options, suitable for connection to all types of waste pipe. Merchants will welcome the reduced stock holding this product represents, replacing no less than eight previous Brett Martin fittings. Inclusive of adaptors to fit both 32mm and 40mm ranges, the clever internal design of this trap results in the compact body of a 38mm seal bottle trap, whilst still providing a 76mm water seal; the largest available.

Likewise, the ‘fix-all’ WC Connectors offer flexibility in confined spaces. Eight new connectors have been added to the range including; new bossed, angled and flexible profiles available, ideal for refurbishment projects and a sure-sell for stockists.

Underground additions include the new Low-Level P Trap Tubular Gully that has been developed by Brett Martin in direct response to customer demand. This single compact fitting replaces two previous products which required assembling and so represents a cost-effective, simple sales proposition. There are also existing Bottle Gullies now with a choice of 3 adjustable hoppers with socket outlets and a back inlet gully.   

Aboveground innovations also include a new 110mm Triple Socket Branch for Brett Martin’s high-capacity rainwater range and a full colour choice across Brett Martin’s various domestic Rainwater Systems styles. In addition to grey, black and brown, white and arctic white options are available, allowing stockists to easily match fascia board colour variations.

Completing the aboveground line-up is the Porcupipe gutter protection system, a simple solution to keep domestic gutter systems clear of debris and potential blockages.  Destined to be an impulse purchase for your customers, an attractive and conveniently sized counter display box is available which holds 16, two metre lengths.

The new product line-up is completed with new Rainwater HarvestingSewerage Treatment and Grease Trap systems.

To enquire about stocking any of Brett Martin's new products please call 01246 280000 or email  NI/ROI customers please call 028 (ROI-048) 9084 8999 or email