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Calibrated Foam PVC

Calibrated Foam PVC

Foamalux Calibre is manufactured from PVC using exciting new technology, the Calibrated Foam PVC Board has an exceptionally hard silky smooth finish but with an extremely light weight core.  This provides an ideal printing and engraving surface and is easily cut and routered making it an ideal substrate for the print and display sectors.  Foamalux Calibre PVC Foam is currently available in thicknesses of 10mm, 19mm, 24mm and 30mm in sheet sizes of 1220mm x 3050mm.


Calibrated Foam PVC Features and Options


Foamalux Calibre F1 Car
Foamalux Calibre F1 Car

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New Foamalux Video now available

New Foamalux video now available

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