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Foamalux Calibre perfect for large letters

Foamalux Calibre is ideal for making large letters, signs and displays.


  • Lightweight
  • Thick enough to be free-standing
  • Easy to cut

Foamalux Calibre offers dimensional stability, will not rot, mould or corrode and has a high insulation value and fire performance.

The manufacturing process results in tangible product benefits which make Foamalux Calibre the perfect choice for a range of signage, display and construction applications, especially where wood based products are traditionally used. 

The smooth hard surface makes it ideal for lamination, printing and spray painting and it has a range of processing capabilities including routing, sawing drilling and riveting. 

In fact, Calibre’s consistent, calibrated thickness make it the ideal sheet for displays which can be fabricated with precision while the smooth white Foamalux surface is perfect for printing. A calibrated thickness is advantageous where the product needs to sit inside a frame or needs to be mounted completely flush.

Suitable for both internal and external applications, Foamalux Calibre is also available in a weatherable UV grade.