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Polycarbonate Click Panel

Polycarbonate Click Panel

Marlon Clickfix1040 is a complete architectural glazing system providing quality natural light, superior thermal insulation and UV protection in addition to the impact resistance, resilience and structural strength inherent in polycarbonate. Marlon Clickfix1040 is a 40mm multiwall polycarbonate panel with 10 insulating internal walls providing a U value of 0.99 W/m²K, for a more energy efficient building. Installation is straightforward. The modular design, consists of interlocking panels which simply click and fix into place for glazed areas of unlimited size and shape. Marlon Clickfix1040 meets fire safety standards too, achieving EN13501-1 B-s1 d0 (European equivalent of UK's Class 0).

Polycarbonate Click Panel Features and Options


Marlon Clickfix1040 Belfast Waterfront
Belfast Waterfront
Emirates Aircraft Hangar
Emirates Aircraft Hangar
Malbank School, Polycarbonate Click Panel
Malbank School

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