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UV Protected Polycarbonate Sheet

Safeway, Flat Polycarbonate

Marlon FSX Longlife features dual sided UV protection which prevents 98% of damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet. This superior glazing material is 200 times stronger but less than half the weight of glass.  Combining UV protection, impact and chemical resistance, light weight and high light transmission, Marlon FSX is ideal for architectural rooflights, vertical glazing and specialist glazing applications.

UV Protected Features and Options


Redditch bus stop Marlon FSX 4mm
Marlon FSX Redditch Art Shelter
10mm Marlon FSX Athletic Stadium Pilsen
Marlon FSX Athletic Stadium Pilsen
T-Systems Marlon FSX
Marlon FSX - T-Systems Barcelona
Tittlesworth Walkway, Flat Polycarbonate
Polycarbonate Walkway

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