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Marlon FSX ideal material for Pool Cover applications

Marlon FSX has proved to be an ideal material with which to make pool covers.

In November 2022, this project was announced as the winner in the Brett Martin iAwards in the category House and Home.


  • UV resistant
  • Light weight
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to clean

This private residence pool cover is only one example of hundreds made in Austria using Brett Martin's Marlon FSX in the last few years.

There are many reasons why the manufacturer has chosen Marlon FSX flat polycarbonate sheets with a UV resistant coating. The pool cover must be light enough to move on and off the pool quickly and without much effort, especially in warm weather. In addition to this, it must be strong enough to withstand anything from accidental knocks to the weight of snow in winter. Marlon FSX, being 200 times stronger but less than half the weight of glass, ticks both these boxes.

UV resistance is also very important. Without the coating, the polycarbonate would yellow in the sun, ruining the aesthetic. It would also become brittle and lose its strength. Polycarbonate is easy to clean with a wide range of standard cleaning products.

For the fabrication and installation of the pool cover were also helped by the fact that Marlon FSX is easy to cut, bend, drill and bond.

Marlon FS brochure English PDF | 3MB