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Welsh geodesic dome manufacturers widen their range with Marlon FSX

Marlon FSX is the latest material used to create Snowdon Dome’s multifunctional geodesic structures.


  • Strength
  • Light transmission
  • UV resistance

Marlon FSX is the latest material to be used by Snowdon Domes who build geodesic domes in a number of different materials to be used as greenhouses, horticultural flower pods, glamping pods, garden rooms and studios.

Until recently their greenhouses were made by covering the timber frame in the same polythene as is used for polytunnels. They now offer an upgraded option made with 4mm Marlon FSX. Using polycarbonate sheets maintains the high light transmission offered by polythene but in a more robust structure. Marlon FSX is a lot lighter than glass and has a much higher impact resistance so is virtually smash proof, an advantage for any greenhouse owner. It is UV coated which means it will not yellow or become brittle and weak. Using polycarbonate also allows Snowdon Domes to more effectively seal each triangular pane to make the structure wind and watertight.

What is a geodesic dome?

A geodesic dome is a sphere or part of a sphere made from triangles. As a shape, a dome is much more efficient than a cube with the same size of footprint. It has 30% less surface area and therefore transmits about a third less heat into the atmosphere. It also uses fewer materials to build. Using triangles to build a dome gives further advantages as this shape transfers force more evenly through its sides. A geodesic dome also allows wind to move around it more easily than other shapes. 

Marlon FS brochure English PDF | 3MB