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Al Hayat Bilingual School

Toploc enhances light and life at Bilingual School

Brett Martin’s Toploc system was selected to provide interior cover for this exciting new build, Al Hayat Universal Bilingual School, located in the Sabah Al Salem district of Kuwait.

Al-Hayat means life in Arabic and the schools’ mission is to develop a generation committed to the art of life management integrating the studies of core subjects, English and Arabic language, and life skills.

The Toploc system is attached to a spaceframe, secured to the concrete structure of the building and situated above two interior courtyard areas of the school.

The product provides UV and weather protection with an impact resistance up to 200 times greater than glass. The modern look, coupled with 74% light transmission, make it a simple yet effective for this climate and the modern style of Kuwait City.

Architectural Glazing Systems PDF | 14.63MB
Al-Hayat Universal Bilingual School

Marlon Toploc enhances light and life at Al-Hayat Universal School.

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