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Queens Medical Centre walkway

Marlon FSX glazing connects transport link to teaching hospital

The Queen's Medical Centre is a teaching hospital in Nottingham, with 1,200 beds and an annual intake of 100 students. Brett Martin Marlon FSX was chosen in the construction of a 90m walkway, allowing access to the hospital from the local tram stop which connects the hospital to the city transport network.

The bridge is the first dedicated hospital tram stop to be built in the UK, significantly improving access for patients, visitors and staff.

A total of 90 sheets of almost 5m long, 8mm clear Marlon FSX flat polycarbonate sheets were supplied and cold curved on-site to glaze the roof of new walkway.

Marlon FSX is 200 times stronger than glass and only half the weight. Marlon FSX sheets are also co-extruded with Longlife UV protection on both sides which prevents 98% of damaging UV radiation protecting the sheet from the effects of weathering. 

Queens Medical Centre Walkway

Dramatic walkway at Queens Medical Centre made possible with the exceptional cold curving capabilities of Marlon FSX polycarbonate.

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