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Low Cost Canopies for Walkways

St Mary's School, Marvault RL

Brett Martin Daylight Systems offer modular rooflight and panel glazing systems which are capable of providing runs of continuous length and are ideal for the construction of canopies and walkways.  Xlok is a factory assembled panel glazing system which is delivered to site as panels which can be linked to exactly fit any length required, straight or curved. With a choice of height options and spanning capability of 0.8m-7m as standard in unlimied runs,  Marvault polycarbonate vault is a popular choice for architectural curved canopies and walkways.

Product Listing

Marvault RL Canopy, Okehampton College


With a range of height, spanning and glazing options, Marvault is ideal for architectural canopies.
Orchard Special School, Xlok Express Canopy


Factory assembled aluminium glazing units which interlock together on site for continuous runs of rooflights of any length

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