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Xlok Panel Glazing for Canopies and Walkways

Whitecross High School, Xlok Express Canopy

Xlok panel glazing systems are modular glazing units which interlock together easily on site for continuous runs of rooflights of any length. Each section comprises structured polycarbonate glazing panels factory assembled with extruded aluminium bars which inter-link on site to behave as one for a fully water managed system. Quick and easy to install, panels can be linked to exactly fit any length required, straight or curved. The systems are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications, such as pitched glazing, stadia, vertical glazing, covered walkways and refurbishment of Georgian wired glass and Northlights. Xlok glazing systems are designed specifically to fix to structural support upstands and/or frameworks, provided and constructed by others.

Xlok Features and Options

Product Listing

Xlok Expess Canopy, Whitecross High School Hereford

Xlok Ultra

Heavy duty wide span panel glazing system glazed in 25mm structured polycarbonate, for mono or dual pitch glazing.

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