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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting System

Brett Martin’s range of Rainwater Harvesting Systems can save home-owners up to 50% of their annual potable water usage reducing demand on valuable water resources. The Home and Garden, and, Garden Comfort Packages are designed to filter and store collected rainwater in robust tanks, available in shallow installation tank sizes of 1500 to 7500 litres and standard tank sizes of 2700 to 6500 litres. Both systems provide a modular solution, providing ease of installation and quicker project completion. Each Package includes tanks, telescopic PE lid with Pedestrian loading, filter unit, overflow siphon, control unit, submersible pump with floating water extraction unit.

Rainwater Harvesting Features and Options

Product Listing

Rainwater_Harvesting Systems

Home & Garden Package

The combined Home and Garden Package is designed to filter and store collected rainwater.
Rainwater_Harvesting Systems

Garden Only Package

The Garden Only Package collects, filters and supplies stored rainwater for garden use.

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