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Black Foamalux Colour used for glamorous Gucci media backdrop

3mm Black Foamalux Colour was used to create a branded media backdrop at a promotional event for Gucci Guilty London.


  • Black colour
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth surface for vinyl application

Silver foil vinyl decals in the shape of the Gucci Guilty fragrance logo were applied directly onto black Foamalux Foam PVC creating a 2.4x2.4m step and repeat wall. This sponsor wall was applied to a freestanding framework enabling brand promotion of the fragrance and a place to capture photos of newsworthy people visiting the event. Foamalux Black proved to be the perfect material as it is light in weight, has a smooth matt surface, is easy to handle and its black finish in combination with the silver foil decals achieved the desired result to represent the Gucci Guilty brand.