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Foamalux White delivers larger than life milk carton fabricated display

Foamalux White was used to fabricate eye catching advertising displays in Albania with six impressive oversized milk bottles.


  • Mechanical strength
  • Easy to thermoform
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth surface for vinyl application

The towering displays at 3.5m in height were made out of 5mm and 10mm white foam PVC and fitted with LED lights to deliver Lufra’s creative display advertising. Strong and durable, Foamalux sheet was ideal to create the captivating milk bottles which demanded a material with various key properties to meet the project requirements. Foamalux offers thermoforming capabilities, creating the necks of the bottles; just one of the ways in which the lightweight material may be formed. The smooth, flat nature of the product provided a consistently even and reliable high performance surface for the printed vinyl to be fixed to the material.

Foamalux is only a fraction of the weight of solid display material of similar strength making it much easier to handle; perfect for this project which also involved fixing the milk bottles onto vehicles for transportation to different points across Albania. The application, courtesy of Redis and Sakuli, demonstrates the creative capabilities of the versatile and flexible foam PVC material.