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Foamalux White Point of Sale for Brix Moto

This great example of free-standing point of sale was produced using 19mm Foamalux White.


  • Rigid
  • Thick enough to stand alone
  • Smooth surface for printing
  • Easy to cut to shape

When Iris Colour was approached to produce 6 foot high cut-outs which had to stand alone, the choice to use 19mm Foamalux was easily made. The super smooth surface of the direct to print substrate enabled an even, reliable print surface. Using a combination of UV printing, then cut-out to shape using a CNC router, the figures were made to stand alone using a bespoke strut design to allow easy manoeuvring from post to post. The design of the strut includes space to set weights upon to prevent toppling as well as drill holes for pegging into soft ground. A superb solution was produced, much to the delight of the client.