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Marlon Toploc provides a beautiful Finnish!

The owner of this greenhouse opted for our Marlon Toploc!

Located in, Komossa, Finland in the Western province of the country, This unique greenhouse is used for the growing of crops in a domestic environment. 

16mm Glass clear Marlon Toploc was mounted to the vertically pitched roof, which is attached to a timber frame and supported by concrete blocks. This mix of materials gives the building a distinctive, stylish, appearance. The Marlon Toploc panels are installed with a unique clip which allows for free thermal movement and longer panel lengths.

Marlon Toploc is extremely versatile as it can be tailored for Vertical, Curved, & Pitched applications. The material has impact resistance up to 200 times greater than glass, provides UV protection, and has a good level of chemical resistance. This makes the product a great candidate for outdoor projects. 

Architectural Glazing Systems PDF | 14.63MB